Certified Horsemaship Association Instructor



Creating sound relationships! 

Youth Lessons


Time well spent learning together! 

Massage and Stretching!


Help your horse release tense muscles and learn how to move your horse with power, ease and grace !

CH A Level 3, English & Western

Journey with Horses......



Having loved horses from a very young age, I was fortunate to begin riding at the tender age of 10.   I  have taken many courses and clinics to further my skill development. I certified with Certified Horsemanship Association in 2009 at Dreamsfields Riding Center in Thunder Bay and gained my Level 3 English and Western Instructor  Certificate. 2010 marked the debut of Riding Lesson in Wawa, Ontario.  The Equestrian students enjoy a blend of ground skills, massage and stretching skills, and Riding skills within their lesson rotation. 

Aroma Yoga accompanied by horses



Aroma Yoga with Horses, is a beautiful blend of Yoga practice, while utilizing therapeutic grade essential oils in the presence of horses. Aroma Yoga with horses can be practiced in the presence of the horses, in partnership with a horse, and/or while on horse back.  Through various interactions with the horses,  I facilitate your understanding and learning of how horses utilize body language to communicate within the herd family. This unique experience instills a sense of well being for both human and horse.

Always learning.....

 Here is a list of courses 

* Jean Luc Cornille IHTC 

* Karen Rolf's Dressage Naturally, Sweet Spot, Spiral of Upward Success, Habits for Horsemanship

* Official pass Parelli Level 3

* Equine Physiotherapy and Foundations for Physiotherapy for Horses

* Hoof care and trimming 

* Member of Straightness Training, Dressage Naturally Virtual classroomn

Equestrian lessons


Learning foundational skills on the gound, caring for horse and while in the saddle  is the heart of this program.    

Massage and Stretching, tissue release


Discover these effective techniques to  care for your horse! 

Quality time


Spirit Kisses!