Equine Clinics & Coaching

From Ground exercises to a leg up!


This is our local  Foundational Equestrian program.  The students will develop a strong skill set for safety, equipment, to handling, to ground exercises and while in the saddle.  This program consists 3 main  lesson types: ground exercises, essential oils combined with massage and stretching,  and riding.  Students participate in a 4 lesson rotation format: 1 ground skills, 1 essential oil, massage & stretching, 2 riding lessons.  Focus on developing care and partnership, fun and skills! 

Online Coaching available soon


Distance is no longer an issue! Are you interested in online video coaching?  

We will establish goals and a clear plan for your horse's training program. 

All from the comfort of your device!  

Riding Biomecanics


Learn to create the just right state of being within yourself and your horse!  These days of learning, are full of practical exercises.  Begin within yourself, learning the how to create  a more neutral state of being focusing on your body posture and breath.  Then, progress these concepts  and apply them to your horse.  The result,  a relaxed alert partnership through understanding of movement. Dive in, practice and improve your skills.  Your Horse will thank you! 

Enjoy Mirage's movement below

Neck Stretching

Mirage, working on walking pirouette